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If you aspire to achieving success as a children’s writer, then the ‘Write Storybooks For Children’ course gives you the training, guidance and the inside know-how to get there faster. Trusted by over 140,000 students you’ll be joining an elite community of aspiring children’s writers of all ages, nationalities, and writing abilities.

Below, you can read a small selection of comments, testimonials and reviews that our students have written about this course (verified by TrustPilot™ and ReviewTrust™). Please also take a moment to read some independent reviews here and here, along with these Student Success Stories.

Students Joined

  • 5* Reviews

“This course gave me both the inspiration and the motivation to start writing.
An experience I will never forget!”Mary

“I felt this course, was easy to follow. Gave a lot of information and kept you interested in what was coming next.” – Kelly-Elise


“Brilliant course sad when it ended as became hooked on what my next module would reveal. The course is fantastic. It suited my learning style to a tee and I enjoyed learning all the module information. I felt energised and rejuvenated to learn all the very interesting information and facts. The examples given helped tremendously. I did not want the course to end.”


Worthwhile. If you’re serious about writing books for children I would recommend this course. It covers all aspects of the business from initial concept to final product. Although some of the modules might not apply directly, there is still much information in them that can be applied to other areas of writing.”


“I entered this course with simply a few ideas for children’s books. I had absolutely no idea how to present the books correctly or to whom I should send them. This course provides a great amount of very useful information from researching already successful books in your target age bracket all the way to presenting your work to the right publishers in its best possible fashion.”


“Great introductory course. The course is perfect for anyone interested in writing for children. In order to pass the test at the end of each of the fourteen modules, I recommend taking adequate notes. Each module can be completed in under two-three hours. I found the information provided was worth the time investment.


“Clear, easy to follow and pragmatic in approach. The modules are clearly constructed and very much a practical guide for people who wish to learn the realities of publishing and are prepared to get on with the work and write. The tests are a great incentive to keep going and measure your progress. All in all I enjoyed it and found it very engaging and useful.


“I have already recommended this course to two aspiring authors. The course is easy to follow, and it is as entertaining as it is informative. It offers tremendous insight on the mental, physical, and emotional challenges we will face on the way to the best sellers’ list!”


“Easy to use and understand. The course was easy to navigate and understand. The teaching style was informative, to the point, and easily understood. I liked the ease of test taking as well as the ease of fitting the course to my schedule and timeline. This course is well worth the time!”


“The course was easy to navigate and understand. The teaching style was informative, to the point, and easily understood. I liked the ease of test taking as well as the ease of fitting the course to my schedule and timeline.”


“An easy to navigate site. I found this course to be informative and easy to understand.”

After completing this course I wrote my first novel and had it published! I just wanted to share my success story with you, and say thank you so much for this course – Write Story Books For Children – which was a huge help and inspiration when I first started writing.

I had done other courses before and none were as informative or as easy to digest as this one. After completing the course, it took me three years to write (and re-write, re-write, re-write) my first novel, and I went back to the course modules several times over the years as a source of support.

I’m so pleased to tell you that my first novel was published (Young Adult Thriller- The Burning of Juniper Slaide) and on the back of its success, I have been offered a publishing deal with a traditional publisher (Rudling House) for two trilogies. My novel currently has 30 5* reviews on Amazon.co.uk and counting.

I have my first book signing event at Waterstones in Guildford, Surrey, in October. And I’m now busy finishing my second novel- and I’ve just logged back into your course to check something! So, thank you, so very much for providing a course which is full of essential information and nothing else, in simple language, beautifully presented, and without pretension.


Johanna Handley


“I really enjoyed the course and felt every aspect of the subject was thoroughly covered. This course made me feel as if I was being shown the ropes by a good friend of mine, one more than willing to share their secrets.”


“The course was enjoyable, informative and very inspirational. I really enjoyed the ‘Writing Story Books For Children’ course and would recommend it to everyone. It was very informative. Guiding any would be writer step by step. I felt very inspired and couldn’t wait to put pen to paper.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this course. I enjoyed every aspect of this course. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up, but was quickly drawn in and enjoyed waking up every morning and starting my module. It provided me with such a vast insight into what the fine mechanics are to creating a children’s book. I am so happy that I bought this course and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the field of writing for children.”


The confidence boost I needed. Everyone has that story they want to put down on paper but don’t have the time or confidence to commit to. This course helped me to focus on the right points and gave me the boost I needed to give writing a go.”


“A very well structured and informative writing course 10/10. I found this course to be easily followed and gave me the re-assurance to continue with my story (which I had put away in a drawer years ago) with the added confidence of how to structure it. The Guidance and information given will allow any writer to create their story and to put their ideas, and thoughts down on paper for the enjoyment of others. A must for any budding authors.


“Excellently created course by a published author of many years experience. This course covers everything you need to understand in becoming a credible author. A relatively small investment for what may become a lifetime love for you.”

Excellent delivery! Course filled with relevant information, realistic expectations & encouragement.”
– Sarah

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“This course helped me polish up my story by giving me detailed information about the actual mechanics of writing as well as the do’s and don’ts of writing. I put all the knowledge to work and hope to attract the interest of a publisher. I was almost talked into a self-publishing firm but at the end of your course, you strongly warned against this. I am now going to try to get published the old fashioned way as the course recommends.”


“I have always been interested in writing children’s book, and when I saw this course I thought why not?! I started the course and completed it in less then a week, all with a small baby at home! I would recommend this course to anyone & everyone! Thank you!


“A great learning experience. This online course was delivered in an engaging style, encouraging yet informative. The modules were well presented and rich with theory and suggestions. The tests were not as rigorous. I found some items used wordings not found in the modules. This is a small discomfort to an overall grand learning experience. Thank you.”



“This course was better than expected. It was captivating enough to hold my attention and intriguing enough for me to complete the course. This course is packed with useful information. I would definitely recommend this course to others.”


“I have just completed this course and it has given me a lot to think about. I am eager to start putting my thoughts down on paper. My mind is full of different ideas, pulling me in every direction. The length and content of each module was just right, with out becoming tedious and a chore. Great Course now for the hard work.”


“This was a very insightful and on occasions testing course. It was delivered in a relaxed but informative style with just a hint of sarcasm and realism (a British style!). I very much enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone considering a career in writing or indeed publishing.”


“I enjoyed the course immensely. I found it extremely informative and easy to follow. It was a lot more comprehensive than I thought it would be and covered every area imaginable. I really feel that I now have a better understanding of what publishers and readers are looking for and also a deeper understanding of the business in general. I would definitely recommend this course.



“This was a great course and loved it. So easy to go through and took me no time to finish this course. Everything was amazing and perfect I learned all the things I was missing and can’t wait to start my book now. Highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to write books for children.”

I have to acknowledge that if it wasn’t for the ‘Write Storybooks For Children’ course, it would still be a dream yet to be accomplished. A sincere thank you. You’ve helped make my dream a reality.

My book launch in April was a great success and it was there when I discovered that many of the people who attended also dreamt of writing. So, I was able to influence people and encourage them to follow their dreams. I even advised them to take your course because I knew it would prove to be priceless to them. Writing this book has changed me in several ways. It has given me the confidence to know that if I apply myself, I can accomplish anything. I’ve been asked by several children who have read my book if there will be a second book.

I’m now in the early stages of writing a sequel to Eeko. Since its launch I’ve had a few more book signings. I love the interaction it gives me with people of all ages who are interested in knowing more about how I came to write the book. It has certainly helped my presentation skills.

Diane Charbonneau


“To learn, to be challenged, perhaps to dream that I will be a published writer. That makes life interesting. Thanks to the presenters for showing the way to success.”


“A good internationally recognised course. Graphics are good and the team are always updating the content to keep it entertaining, engaging and inspiring for the user.”


“More information and tips than I ever expected! This course took longer than I thought because I was only expecting a brief overview, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information provided and all of the HOT INSIDER TIPS. A definite recommendation for anyone considering writing storybooks for children.”


A quality program offering much more information than I expected. What can I say about this course? I’ve read numerous books on writing and expected a recap of what I’d already read. When I started the first module, I kept reading and reading and reading and had to look over at the outline to make sure that it was just the first module. Each module is packed with useful information. The presentation was entertaining – not just reading pages of information, but important points floating onto the page, clicking on items to see examples, etc. Reading was enjoyable.

There were quizzes to review before going on to the next module, but these were short, multiple choice and reviewed important points. You don’t have to take involved notes to pass them easily. This course has definitely inspired me to branch out into different types of writing. Excellent. I would recommend it without reservation.”

“Would definitely recommend. Lots of information that you wouldn’t think about.” – Helen

When you are doing something for the first time, it can be daunting to know exactly how to begin. Writestorybooksforchildren.com has been invaluable to me in this area. It is helping me organize my ideas and thoughts into achievable tasks, making me feel like I can, in fact, accomplish my goal of writing a children’s book.

From inspiration to publication, the lessons outline the writing process in a clear, informative, and fun way. The helpful tips and techniques throughout the course have actually jump-started my creativity and are helping to take the mystery and fear out of the writing process. The course has also given me a glimpse into the world of publishing including valuable do’s and don’ts to help me deal with the publication process in a more thoughtful and professional way. Most of all, I love the fact that I have lifetime access to the information in the course and can refer to the techniques as often as I need to.

It is perfectly clear to me that getting a children’s book published requires a lot of work, but after taking this course, I feel like I will be able to work smarter and greatly improve my chances for success. My thanks to the creators of Writestorybooksforchildren.com. I think this will prove to be one of my most worthwhile investments.

Lorraine, USA


“The course was bought for me as a gift and so I cannot comment in terms of value for money, BUT I am so pleased I received it and completed it. I thoroughly enjoyed the modules and learned a lot about the world of children’s book writing. It does take concentration and commitment – there are some modules which don’t seem to apply as much as others, depending on the sort of books you intend to write. But each module teaches you something new and is well worth studying. The end of module tests ensure you don’t just skim through the detail, and it’s good to be able to revisit any completed module at any time.”


“I would recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for writing. This course takes you step-by-step on how to write a children’s book, going from talking about how to get an idea written into words on paper to getting your book published. I can’t wait to use everything I’ve learned from this course into my current and future writing projects.”


“Initially I was nervous that this course would be too difficult but the layout and style of the course was so easy to follow and I found myself learning so much more than I first thought I would. I also took this course to improve my writing skills and not necessarily to write for children however the course has opened my eyes to the many writing possibilities available to me and encourage me to look back at what I read as a child as well as what is available for children now. I recommend that you try this course if you have even the slightest desire to write. It will help you immensely.”


“The course was set out into modules, which helped you feel like you were achieving throughout the course. The content was clearly written and provided useful tips without patronising. Having worked in on-line education and training for a number of years, I would definitely recommend the course.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The lessons were packed with so much valuable information. I took the course over 6 weeks to allow the lessons to sink in. So much to be learned in a few short modules so I best get back to module one and start over!”


“This is a great course, very user friendly and nothing that I couldn’t understand. The 18 modules broke it down very nicely and it was useful knowing how you were getting along by the end of module tests. So glad I did the course and the idea of writing a book feels much closer and clearer of the process. Thanks!”


“If you really want to explore writing as a profession, this course is a great way to start. I am learning so many interesting aspects of becoming a professional writer as a creative outlet. I am still in the process of working through the modules, so my final review will reflect more information on this course.”


“Easy to use and understand. The course was easy to navigate and understand. The teaching style was informative, to the point, and easily understood. I liked the ease of test taking as well as the ease of fitting the course to my schedule and timeline. This course is well worth the time!”


“I found this course really easy to use, simple and clear. I liked the fun layouts using lots of variety so the course never felt monotonous. Really great information, I learnt so much, I feel like this course covered everything! I really enjoyed doing this course and couldn’t wait to log back on and get on to the next section. This course, although online, felt really friendly and generous, I never felt alone and I progressed easily and swiftly! I’m so pleased I found this course, would do it again and recommend to others who have an interest in writing :)”

“The course is easy to follow and a good starting point! It was an informative course!” – Dawn



“This is a great place to start learning about children’s story writing and the cost is highly competitive too. The course encourages accelerated learning by being modular and progressive.”


“I loved it. Would definitely recommend. This course was very informative I would gladly take another.”


“I just finished the write Storybooks for Children course. I have learned a great deal, and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to my writing.”

“Better than any college and
graduate courses I have taken.”

– Suzy


“I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this course, having never done one of these before. I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of information provided, much of which is relevant to all forms of writing, and feel I’m now on much more stable footing with a good basic knowledge of what it takes to plan, write and redraft a good story. The course provides a generous amount of solid advice split over fourteen modules and presented as a series of attractive, professional and easy-to-read PowerPoint-style presentations. A short multiple choice test at the end of each module really helps to recap the key points, and of course it’s easy to go back and re-read all parts of the presentation at any time. I was able to complete each of the course modules in my own time, and really feel as though I got my money’s worth (especially since I bought the course after seeing a special offer on Amazon: I’m actually astounded how much I got after paying so little!). I highly recommend this course for anyone who is toying with the idea of writing books for children, and I’ll definitely be checking out other courses in the future.”



“The course was packed with lots of information and advice and although I cannot remember it all I can go back into the course at any time to remind myself. Lesson 14 hopefully will be very relevant when I have written my first book!! Now all I need is inspiration……


“Better than any college and graduate courses I have taken. I am so impressed with the quality of this course that I am a bit intimidated by it.”

Amazing, outstanding, very informative.
“I stumbled upon this course by accident or should I say faith, which ever I am glad I did. This course opened my eyes to a lot of things I wasn’t aware of. This course was well put together and I don’t see anything that needs to be changed. To all the newcomers good luck in your writing.”


“This course put my brain in gear. I found it challenging and likened it to a semester of schoolwork. The only negative was the studying kept me from writing. Overall, I loved it. I found the tests challenging. But, I completed with 84%, not bad as a brain exercise for a 75 year old. I just might opt for the Kindle course. If for no other reason, I will miss having schoolwork.”



“The course consists of 18 well paced and informative modules which you can complete in your own time. Once you have registered, you can dip in and out of the course whenever you like. The modules cover a wide range of topics from initial planning, research and outline through character development, pace and plotting to writing for different ages groups and tips about how to approach publishers.”


“Really enjoyed this course. It’s full of sensible, simple advice on the practicalities of planning, writing, and on getting work published. The modules are straight-forward, well-presented, and as long as you take plenty of notes, the tests are not difficult – although they are obviously designed to – well, test! As the course suggests, writing is 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration, so be prepared for a no-nonsense approach. Now I’m looking forward to putting my learning into practice. Thank you, Team, for an enjoyable experience.”


“I really enjoyed learning all the topics involved in this course. It’s a straight-forward approach to all the basic knowledge and insight that’s needed to prepare you for your first attempt at writing for small children and Teenagers. Also, I believe the scope of everything that’s taught in this course could very well help you to write ANY type of Novel…for ANY age group. I’m very pleased with everything I’ve learned and am certain it will help me to make a very good first attempt at writing a book, short story, or magazine article. It was an investment well worth the time. The small cost required for the course is really minimal, with all else considered. Thank you!!!”

“I found the course really informative and very user friendly even for a technophobe like me!” – Susan

“Writing Story Books for Children is the best writing course I have ever taken. The instructor was wonderful and the material was well developed and thorough.

Writing and Publishing are in my gene pool. My grandfather and father were published authors. I’ve been fortunate to have published twenty-three articles, in the Magazine an the New Orleans Times-Picayune, I have two finished a novel and a story about having a bipolar disorder. I am working through my 100th rewrite. This course was fundamental in helping me along the way. If possible, please forward this to the the narrator.

My sister purchased the course for herself the course and then purchased one for me. I got so much out of it that I want to buy him for my grandson, who is a freshman in High school. This past weekend he said me that he would like to write a children’s story based on an idea that came to him while riding at night, across the spillway bridge. He saw the outline of the furnaces with gas plumbs shooting into the sky. As he began to developed the story, he realized that he needed to come up with pertinent conflict.I would like to order this course as a source of encouragement.”

Barbara, USA

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