Seán Connors

Seán Connors lives in the UK and has had a varied work history from building site labourer to area sales manager!

However, becoming a stay-at-home dad to three children meant that Seán needed to find an occupation that fitted around his parental responsibilities…

Writing seemed like the ideal solution.

“In 2001 I developed a complete digitised set of county maps of Ireland which sold world-wide. Then I wrote a book on the evolution of Ireland’s county system. But, writing for children was something always that appealed to me.”

When his children were young, Seán had an idea for a story but just didn’t know how to get the idea out of his head and down on paper.

“I had no experience in writing for children, but fortunately my wife bought me the “Write Storybooks For Children” course as a gift.

The course is comprehensive and covers pretty much every aspect that an aspiring children’s writer would need. It is also written in an understandable manner which means that the information is easily digested. This is important for me as some other courses approach the subject in a way that requires a PhD!

I enjoyed logging in to the course and found the navigation very user-friendly and the presentation visually appealing (important for non-technical people like me who struggle just to turn their computers on).”

Seán Connors

Through the Write Storybooks for Children course, Seán has been able to turn his idea into a Young Adult mystery/thriller called ‘Ned’s Head — The Boy With The Unforgettable Memory’.

'Ned's Head -- The Boy With The Unforgettable Memory' is a real-world mystery/thriller with a slight Sci-Fi twist. Details of the book, as well as a free book that tells the story of one of the antagonists, can be found on Seán's web site:

“The course gave me the confidence to finally make a start on an idea that I had been trying to write for almost seven years. I used the course as a reference throughout and like the fact that it is always available whenever I need it.”