Rachel Neckermann

Rachel Neckermann from the USA is a middle school teacher of Family Consumer Science.
An avid reader and traveller, she has always been interested in creating stories about the places she has visited and the people she has met along the way. Her stories have also proven to be a great way of keeping her students entertained!

Rachel always hoped to learn the skill of writing children’s stories but, like many aspiring writers, she didn’t know where to start. She also discovered that good online writing courses could be very expensive.

Attracted by its comprehensive array of modules, Rachel took the plunge and invested in the ‘Write

Like many of our flourishing students, Rachel didn’t waste any time in getting started. She brainstormed several book ideas, took notes on appropriate publishers who specialize in her preferred style and genre of writing, created an outline for her first book of a series and published a picture book, called “What do You Love?”

I am already on my way and feeling great about the investment I made in taking the ‘Write Storybooks For Children’ course and I am so grateful to its creators. It has given me the motivation and confidence to write, illustrate and publish a great story that people will want to buy and read again and again!

The course has also given me clear directions and guidelines on getting started, becoming a smart writer and it has taught me how to cultivate dozens of ideas. I now have the know-how I need to finish my stories and get them into print.

Rachel Neckermann

You can read one of Rachel’s stories online at:

“Wally the cat tries to find out what he loves to do. He has some trouble finding just the right thing for him.”