Lizzie Midgley

Lizzie Midgley from Australia is a 30-year-old stay-at-home mum, who is a former education assistant in special needs literacy.

With her background in education and passion for creative writing, Lizzie felt that taking a children’s writing course could be an investment that would not only support her aspirations of becoming a published children’s author, but might also enhance her future career prospects in the education industry.

However, having researched and looked at several other children’s writing courses in the marketplace, she was frustrated to discover that most of them were very expensive.

High-quality writing courses can often set a student back thousands of dollars. So, this made signing up to ‘Write Storybooks For Children’ an easy decision for Lizzie.

Fortunately, it is a decision that is now paying dividends. Since starting the ‘Write Storybooks For Children’ course, Lizzie has published not one but THREE successful picture books: ‘My Secret dinosaur’, ‘Garden Gnome’ and ‘Bug and Boots’.

I now have enough ideas for six more in six months, and am working on a novella series for older children. I had no idea where to start with planning or writing before I started the ‘Write Storybooks For Children’ course, now I have the skills and knowledge to work professionally as an author in Australia.

A familiar irritation for lots of students is that many online course providers only give people 12-months of access to their course content. This can be frustrating to busy people with commitments who don’t have a lot of spare time and flexibility.

I was really impressed that ‘Write Storybooks For Children’ gives lifetime membership to the course content. This allows people like me – who can’t always study as frequently as they’d like, to keep working long beyond the year that most other courses provide.

Lizzie Midgley

Lizzie Midgley's collection can be purchased online at:It can be purchased online at:

“With an enticing lyrical style, her story brings to life the fun and adventure in the relationship between a child and their beloved toy.”