Kimberly Waltman

Kimberly Waltman is a full-time working mother and wife who loves to travel, read, and daydream.
Despite having zero prior knowledge, training or experience of writing, Kimberly’s ambition was always to become a published children’s author.

Like many aspiring children’s writers, Kimberly had an idea for a story, but lacked the know-how and confidence to get it into the right words on paper.

When Kimberly came across ‘Write Storybooks For Children’, she was pleased to discover that it was such a comprehensive course at a fair and affordable price.

Equivalent classroom-based courses of this caliber can typically cost up to $3,000, but delivered as an online course we’re able to keep our operational costs and thus our enrollment fees low.
As she progressed through the ‘Write Storybooks for Children’ course she quickly gained not only the knowledge but also the courage to sit down and write.

Kimberly is proud and honoured to be called a writer now that her first children’s picture book manuscript, titled ‘Bright or Blue’, was accepted by US publisher Splashing Cow Books.

What an amazing feeling to hold my first published book in my hands!

There is no way I would have made it this far without the industry knowledge and writing tips I learned in the ‘Write Storybooks for Children’ course.

I am so grateful for this experience!

Kimberly Waltman

Kimberly’s first picture book, “Bright or Blue” can be purchased online at:

“This wonderfully illustrated picture book reminds us that we can’t always control what a day brings us, but we can always control the attitude we bring to the day.”