Frederik Zäll

Frederik Zäll is the guitarist of the Swedish rock band Eskobar and author of 11 cookbooks.

Although an already successful author in the world of cookery, Frederik also aspired to one day turning his creative hand to the world of children’s writing.

Like many writers, he realized that being skilled in one genre does not necessarily translate to another. He also discovered that there was not a lot of good how-to information out there to guide and support him in his quest to write a children’s book.

Fortunately ‘Write Storybooks For Children’ was recommended to him and he wasted no time in putting everything he was learning from the course into practise.

With his course notes beside him, Frederik began writing his first fantasy novel. It started out as a test, but as often happens it took a life of its own! His first novel for the Swedish market, ‘Drakarnas Land’, was good enough to secure a publishing deal and was released as the first part of a trilogy. Part II was released a few months later and the final part is due to be released early next year.

Frederik’s next challenge will be writing books for adults and he is already signed to one of our other writing courses:

Frederik Zäll

Part 1 and Part 2 of Frederik’s books are available to purchase online at:

” Pax and Bianca runs out on the creaky, old wooden jetty. First, a quick dip, then a cold ice cream is the plan. But the minute they emerge into the lukewarm water turned the world upside down.”