Emmy Clarke

Emmy Clarke from the UK is a 26-year-old autistic writer. She took this course when she received it as a 20th birthday present.

Prior to taking this course, the biggest challenge for Emmy was with ‘planning’ her stories before she sat down to write them. She found it frustrating to plan and as a result, it made the process of writing much more demanding than it needed to be. Many newbie children’s authors use an inefficient planning process when crafting a story, which then becomes an arduous task. This interferes with their natural creativity and motivation to write.

Fortunately, using some of the professional techniques she picked up from the ‘Write Storybooks For Children’ training modules, Emmy discovered that ‘planning’ was actually a fun part of the process when done correctly. Importantly, it made the story flow a lot easier.


Since taking the course, Emmy has had her short stories and poems published in several publications, such as a fairytale retelling in the UNBURIED FABLES anthology (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Unburied-Fables-Tiffany-Rose/dp/1539302113) in 2016, poetry in Outbox Theatre’s BRIGHTER collection (issuu.com/outbox_theatre/docs/brighter__booklet__4_ ) in 2021 and Lucent Dreaming’s upcoming Issue 11 in 2022. Her main passion is still children’s writing, and she will have her first children’s short story published in a collection in June 2022.  

“I definitely feel more confident after taking the ‘Write Storybooks For Children’ course. Before, I’d been so nervous about putting a single word down. Now, I have more faith in myself. Nothing is more strengthening to the heart than to have faith in your own writing.”  

Emmy Clarke (2016)

For more updates on her work you can visit her website at: