Emily Beaulieu

Emily Beaulieu from the United States is a high school senior.

Emily has been immersed in the world of writing since she was thirteen, however she didn’t feel she was learning enough from the classes she was taking. As a result, she didn’t have the confidence to sit down and get her ideas onto paper.

In an effort to improve her skills, she signed up to WriteStorybooksForChildren.com. In her mind, the course had the potential to give her the skills she needed to achieve her writing ambitions.

Like many of our successful students, Emily wasted no time in diving into the course and applying the new skills she was learning. She began by crafting and refining her first children’s story, “Mr. Milligan Mouse”.

Eventually, Emily ended up with a story she was proud of and entered it into a local writer’s competition. Much to her surprise and delight, she won first place!

A significant benefit of entering writing contests is that it gives writer’s valuable exposure for their stories. In Emily’s case, the judges of the contest enjoyed “Mr. Milligan Mouse” so much they invited her to read it aloud at the awards ceremony, where she was not only applauded but also encouraged to seek publication with her story.

This is one of the best writing courses I have ever taken. I find that when I am writing, I often think back to what I learned during the course.

I now have the confidence and belief that my stories can become something that a total stranger would want to read.

Emily Beaulieu