Diane Charbonneau

Diane Charbonneau from Ontario, Canada is passionate about travelling, experiencing new cultures, kayaking and exploring.

As a grandmother to three children, she was inspired to write her first children’s book by her 5-year-old grandson, Xavier, who also loves to create stories.

Although she dreamed of someday writing a children’s book, like many aspiring writers with no previous knowledge or training, she experienced the common frustration of not knowing how or where to start when it came to getting her ideas down on paper.

When Diane came across the ‘Write Storybooks for Children’ course, she felt its modules looked compelling enough to justify enrolling.

Anxious to get started on her book, Diane exhibited a common characteristic of some of our most successful students – she didn’t wait to finish the course before she started crafting her story.

The beauty of the ‘Write Storybooks for Children’ course is that students gain enough ‘Intel’ within just the first few modules to get started. More importantly, they learn how to start off on the right track and discover how to avoid the mistakes that constrain most would-be children’s writers.

Diane felt she was armed with enough know-how to begin preparing her story outline just halfway through the course. It was then that things really fell into place. By the time she had completed the course, she had also practically finished her book!

Naturally, Diane was delighted and proud to publish her first children’s book, ‘Eeko’s Splash Landing’, which is available for purchase through Amazon, FriesenPress, Barnes and Noble and other retail outlets. The story is not only fun and imaginative, but it focuses on making new friends, problem solving, acceptance of diversity and the value in helping others.

So far, sales of her book are strong and she has received some phenomenal reviews.

I have to acknowledge that if it wasn’t for the ‘Write Storybooks For Children’ course, it would still be a dream yet to be accomplished. A sincere thank you. You’ve helped make my dream a reality.

My book launch in April was a great success and it was there when I discovered that many of the people who attended also dreamt of writing. So, I was able to influence people and encourage them to follow their dreams. I even advised them to take your course because I knew it would prove to be priceless to them.

Writing this book has changed me in several ways. It has given me the confidence to know that if I apply myself, I can accomplish anything. I’ve been asked by several children who have read my book if there will be a second book. I’m now in the early stages of writing a sequel to Eeko.

Since its launch I’ve had a few more book signings. I love the interaction it gives me with people of all ages who are interested in knowing more about how I came to write the book. It has certainly helped my presentation skills

Diane Charbonneau

Diane’s first children’s book, “Eeko’s Splash Landing” can be purchased online at:

“A school project building a spacecraft on planet Zeebot goes wrong and lands Eeko, a friendly alien in Xavier’s swimming pool with a broken down spaceship. Will Xavier be able to help Eeko repair his spaceship so he can return home?”